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The Autumn In Between

"And so we begin again"

In the grand circle of the seasons, winter returns. Summer furo season with the above ground kettle and now ro season time for indoor warmth and closed windows. So too I have been practising all summer and autumn with the ladle yet now find myself in the lead up to winter doing the more simple tea ceremony with a small kettle of water. It is this traditional "in between time" in the midst of the hustle and bustle that many tea people merely use their small kettles and refrain from using their ladles and charcoal fires until closer to the beginning of winter.

Back to the beginning, as it were. So too with any learning a martial art or a second language: We often find ourselves years later going back to the beginning to brush up on things.

One of the advantages of teaching: It keeps you in touch with the fundamentals from whence practical things arise from :
much like the steam rising from a kettle in late autumn. Therein if found Wabi Sabi: Th…

Tea Ceremony Practicing in TBay

I've begun practicing tea ceremony meditation using my sisters yoga mat. It'll be perfect for this coming spring. Coming soon to a park near you. I also have kimono sets for it as well. This winter it's practice practice along with making ladles out of scrap wood.
I'm also making tea scoops from snow broken branches but more on that later.