Through!? Consuming ! Thick and Thin : Tea via Travelling Tea Time

Well, I have started making tea savories (wagashi) here at home and have concocted a few Canadianized summer maple syrup dishes to serve up with tea as well over this summer. I'm working on a Canadian Kaiseki style tea ceremony as well : Dining with thick as well as thin tea. Although I will need to consult with some of my more culinary friends and family regarding this as I, similar to John Snow, know little of such things as my more experienced professional friends in that field.

Indeed, as my country of Canada is a fine multicultural one, I'm working to, on occasion, expand the tea ceremony to be more than merely Japanese and thus I shall consult with those who know much more that I. Cultural appropriation? I shall do some consulting to make it culturally appropriate to the particular ceremony and properly considerate. For each event via the upcoming Facebook site WhereWiskWay (Travelling Tea Time) I will post info detailing the ceremonial context of the particular upcoming ceremony.

 I shall be with you through thick and thin tea rain sleet hail thunder with side orders of lightning and whatever else this season seems to be bringing us here in Thunder Bay. Indoors, outdoors whenever whatever the weather : Where Wisk Way I say.

Below you'll find my Travelling Tea Time map to not only tea houses and tea shops in town but to scenic outdoor locations for upcoming tea ceremonies. Soon I shall be creating a Facebook site for upcoming events and locations (both indoor and outdoor) year-round. Stay posted and do stay frostily ice-steeped !


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