Preparing for Summer

As it is summer now, earlier today I unpacked and placed a seasonal scroll

For summer I have put together a nodaté (野点)tea set for ceremony in the parks here in Thunder Bay. 

Nodaté is Japanese for outdoor tea ceremony and chabako is Japanese for tea box.

 For my nodaté chabako I repurposed an old box of Korean tea cookies. 

I find the post colonial cultural fusion wonderfully scintillating as the set can and will be used not only for Japanese tea ceremony but also to recreate within a Canadian context the earlier Korean and also the even earlier, original Chinese green tea powder (matcha) ceremony

The thermos is kind of a more modern Canadian element I call it 'Blue Lightning' fitting for the weather we've been having off and on recently in this here Bay of Thunder by the seemingly lazy Nanabijou. 

(Oftentimes I find myself waving my hands at him like Tom Cruise in "Minority Report" but sadly to no effect. Perhaps maybe its my rather spindly pipe-cleaner like arms)....

With regards to the hobby of nodate chabako crafting I find I'm often inspired by the work of a potter of the U.S part of America @ Chabako Crazy.


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