2014 Programs : Pottery, Tea Ceremony & Tours.

I'm proctoring my final exams next week and cleaning the house in preparation for small group introductory tea ceremony classes (Japanese and Korean tea ceremonies).

Next I found a place that teaches tea ceremony classes using the tea table that is becoming accepted in Japan. Indeed you can find plenty of pictures online of Geisha in Kyoto using the Japanese tea ceremony table.

The classes are offered in September but I'm trying to get them to open a class for using the table this summer... Here's hoping.

Once this summer I shall also give a tea tour of Nampodong/Gukjae Markets.

I shall also be taking pottery classes in Busan's Jangsan area. If any of you out there are interested in any of the above text me (Matthew) @ 010-5737-6543.

I've also discovered a few tea shops in Busan's Nampodong market that sell Chabako sets (pictured above). They contain most of what you'll need to do a Japanese tea ceremony. I shall do a review on them later next month.

Until then, it's tea time for me.


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