The Chagama

Welcome to my blog on the Japanese tea ceremony. Having been to a few Japanese tea ceremonies here in South Korea I've decided to learn more and, in time, start conducting my own ceremonies.
I've started shopping online for a decent Chagama, an iron water pot. As I hear, a chagama needs to be over a charcoal fire although you can purchase electric elements for them. Shibaihashi Chanoyu supply store in Osaka has some of them on their website.
Apparently if it is over a gas fire, it will rust rather quickly. This is what is being currently discussed here in the tea passage forums.
2 be a snob has a page on the history of the Japanese tea ceremony that is brief and interesting.
Wikipedia has a short story about Bunbuku Chagama a Japanese folktale about an animal that transforms itself into a chagama to hide. At the bottom of the page you can find links to other famous Japanese folk tales.
In my shopping for a proper chagama I ran into this site that sells general asian stuff that might prove of interest to some : asian ideas. On their site they offer two types of chagama.
I'll keep you posted as to which I purchase and from where.


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