One Lean, Mean, Green Tea Making Machine

It seems we're one step away from the Star-Trek replicator for food and beverages. We're on the verge of calling out, similar to Cpt.Picard, "Tea. Matcha-Green! -- Not too hot". 

The electronics company Sharp has produced a Matcha-Maker that grinds the tea leaves, adds water not too hot and foams it up. You can also add milk to the machine to make a green tea latte too.

Not too hot : no hibashi 火箸 needed here.
More info on the Central North American / U.S version can be found here : Sharp U.S.A : Tea-Cere. Also more details here on Akihabara News.

The U.S version of it is available on :  Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Tea Maker, Green

And those in Japan can find it on the global Rakuten site, here : Te-TS56V-R Herushio Tea Presso among other places. Although that particular one seems to be an earlier model perhaps?
"No gears in here ! (with Hishaku close to heart) ;-)
As of course, this machinery can never take the place of a fine meditative Zen ceremony. 
The machine made option, minus the ceremony (save for the serving and taking of tea), is of course a   slightly more coarse but quicker option for those so inclined.


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